Career and Education Opportunities for Construction Workers in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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There is a wide variety of career and education opportunities for construction workers in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Currently, 20,300 people work as construction workers in Indiana. This is expected to grow by 7% to about 21,690 people by 2016. This is not quite as good as the nation as a whole, where employment opportunities for construction workers are expected to grow by about 20.5%. In general, construction workers perform tasks involving physical labor at building, highway, and heavy construction projects, tunnel and shaft excavations, and demolition sites.

Income for construction workers is about $16 hourly or $34,630 annually on average in Indiana. Nationally, their income is about $13 hourly or $28,520 per year. Construction workers earn less than people working in the category of General Construction generally in Indiana and less than people in the General Construction category nationally.

The Fort Wayne area is home to sixteen schools of higher education, including one within twenty-five miles of Fort Wayne where you can get a degree as a construction worker. Construction workers usually hold a high school diploma or GED, so you can expect to spend only a short time studying to be a construction worker if you already have a high school diploma.